About Us

About the Company

Sunny Window specializes in French lavender, olive oil soaps, fine natural products and elegant treasures from around the world. A model small business since 1981, Sunny Window has earned many awards for business, entrepreneurship, and community service. Sunny Window has been featured in print in The Boston Globe and Boston Business Journal, as well as in ParadeFamily Circle, and Victoria magazines. On television, Sunny Window has been featured on Chronicle, on PBS, and on Boston channels 4, 7, and CW56.  We are located in the lovely village of Auburndale in Newton, Massachusetts.

We believe strongly in being a responsible company for the good of the community and the planet.  We give generously to non-profits we admire and we do everything we can to minimize our environmental impact. 

Shopping Options

Sunny Window does not have a store, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of ways to shop with us.  You can:

  • Shop online at our web site.
  • Visit our booth at fairs, shows & festivals throughout New England.  Check our show calendar to see what's coming up near you.
  • Visit our studio during our Open Studio events in May and December.
  • Visit our studio by appointment only.  Please call or e-mail to set up a time.
  • Order by phone by calling the studio at 617-564-1192.  

About the Owner

Sunny Window is the best of all worlds – allowing me to combine my passions for meeting people, for nature, for beautiful, useful things, for creativity, and for adventure.  At this company, no two days are ever alike, and I love that!  It’s the customers, however, that really make Sunny Window so special.  They're amazing, insightful and energizing.  It is always a joy to share what we make in the studio and the great products we bring back from around the globe with such wonderful people from near and far.

I’m an adventurer at heart. I love the wild grandeur of our national parks, and along with my family, I have experienced so many moments of peace and beauty in these remarkable places. I also enjoy soaking up the street life, art and culture of cities - from Paris and Prague to San Diego and Santa Fe. Whether I’m hiking in the Yosemite backcountry or poking through a little shop in France, simple beauty and great craftsmanship speak to me. I’m grateful that Sunny Window gives me so many opportunities to explore.

julie and ian in provenceAs it turns out, small business is in my blood. Even as a girl, when my sister Gina and I would set up in front of our house in New Hampshire and sell flowers we'd picked from our yard (and sometimes the neighbors’ yards!), I loved it when someone would check out our "merchandise." There’s a thrill in finding something you like and sharing it with others. And now I get to share that thrill with my son, Ian, who is learning the business from the ground up. (In the photo here we are squinting into the sunshine in Provence!)

We are just the latest in a long line of enterprising immigrants and hardworking, creative New Englanders. Years ago, my great-grandmother, Anna Carpentieri Scaramella, owned and ran Scaramella Market, a neighborhood grocery in New Haven, Connecticut.  It was successful for decades with her at the helm, and that was quite an unusual feat for women in those days. I’m glad we can try for our own kind of success without ever having to sell dried fish!  Lavender just smells so much better...

Thank you for visiting our web site!  

Wishing you all the best, Julie Scaramella