by Julie   November 04, 2015

Bee Awesome: Six Reasons to Love Beeswax Candles

Bee Awesome: Six Reasons to Love Beeswax Candles

Everyone knows that pure beeswax candles look and smell naturally wonderful.  But beeswax is also a great choice in candles for a host of surprising reasons, making beeswax candles a good thing for you, for the bees, for your home, and for the planet.

  1. Beeswax is completely natural and renewable, the product of the vital and sustainable industry of beekeeping,
  2. Beeswax is the purest, least processed candle wax, containing only the healthful properties of the hive,
  3. Beeswax naturally gives off a sweet honey scent, and the golden hue comes from the nectar and pollen of the flowers the bees have pollinated,
  4. Beeswax burns clean and soot-free, releasing negative ions that help to purify your indoor air.  The release of negative ions is also theorized to relieve stress and boost energy levels,
  5. Beeswax has high melting and burning temperatures, so that beeswax candles burn up to five times longer than candles made with other waxes,
  6. Beeswax candles are dripless and radiate a warm, sun-like spectrum of light that is both bright and soothing.

Bees, marvelous and industrious, are critical to the health of our planet, pollinating 80% of plants.  Here at Sunny Window, we think of every pure beeswax candle as a little investment in a sustainable, renewable resource, and contributing to a bountiful future for both people and bees. 

We offer a great variety of beeswax candles and matches for you to enjoy.  Check them out in our Home and Garden section of the web site.

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