by Julie   July 06, 2018

Lavender Iced Tea

Lavender Iced Tea

Lavender and bergamot make an excellent flavor combination, with the floral of the lavender balancing the lemony bergamot. This ultra-refreshing iced tea (try making it with our Earl Grey Supreme) will delight your tastebuds and cool you off from the inside out on a warm afternoon.  Enjoy!


  • 8 and ¼ cups boiling water
  • 6 tea bags of Earl Grey Supreme or your favorite Earl Grey tea
  • 1 teaspoon of dried culinary lavender
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • Lavender sprigs, lemon slices, or mint leaves for garnish

In a large pot or heatproof measuring cup, combine 8 cups of the boiling water with the tea bags and dried lavender flowers and let steep for 10 minutes. Strain the tea into another heatproof container and let cool. In a smaller heatproof measuring cup, combine the sugar with the remaining 1/4 cup boiling water and stir until the sugar dissolves completely, creating a syrup. Stir the syrup into the cooling tea and let the whole mixture cool. Serve over ice and garnish each glass with a lavender sprig, lemon slice or mint leaves.

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