by Julie   April 04, 2016

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas - Updated

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas - Updated

Thoughtful things for the moms in your life

I think moms should be celebrated all year round.  As a mom myself, and as a daughter and granddaughter, I find that most of us have plenty of "stuff" – and that’s exactly why I love Sunny Window for Mother’s Day gifts.  We’ve got lots of beautiful, simple, useful things to give - things that get used and enjoyed and offer well-deserved pampering! Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Essential oil and a Provencal diffuser - the French way to gently and naturally scent a room. The compact diffuser needs no electricity or heat. Lavender essential oil is especially good for bedrooms to promote sleep.
  • Foot treat gift set – Give her happy, healthy, sandal-worthy feet. Our rich moisturizing cream with 15% shea butter and mint (good for circulation), cypress and tea tree essential oils, is paired with a hand-carved, fair trade pumice stone for exfoliating and smoothing.  The soothing lavender hand cream (20% shea butter!) also makes a thoughtful gift.
  • Our handmade large lavender pillow – perfect for her bed or couch.  Helps promote restful sleep and calm (great for new moms and seniors) while enhancing her décor. Can be custom made in your choice of fabrics.
  • Tea & biscuits – take one of our fantastic Harney teas  (Mother's Bouquet is a great choice!) and pair it with and a bag of delicious Effie’s Oatcakes, Nutcakes, or Cocoa-cakes.  Add some French lavender honey for an extra-special touch.  It’s great on the biscuits or in the tea!
  • Luxury bath kit - choose a moisturizing French bath soap or two  - we have so much to choose from, from white gardenia to sandalwood to lemongrass - add a sea sponge or hemp wash mitt for natural skin care, and round out the gift with a luxurious body lotion, such as Italian Olive Oil, Linden, or Lavender.
  • Lavender bouquet - fragrant, long-lasting flowers straight from the field in Provence. This year's crop of bouquets is especially beautiful, with a very rich purple color and excellent scent.

Our many gift sets in combine the very best French products in popular scents like lavender, linden, lemon verbena and rose.  Soap assortments, whether fruity or floral, spicy or herbal (or some combination) are always appreciated, and allow your kindness to be enjoyed throughout the year. The creative combinations are nearly endless! I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

It's just not Mother's Day for me without sending much love to my most wonderful mother, Pat, who lives every day in my memory, and to my terrific stepmother Sharon, whom my mother rightly declared “a gem.” And best wishes for a very happy Mother's Day to all of you!

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