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Classic Vanilla Caramels

There's good and then there's ridiculously good. McCrea's handcrafted caramels will rock your tastebuds and your world!  Classic Vanilla caramels are laced with the best Madagascar vanilla. They're soft, not sticky and oh, so smooth. In stock seasonally from October to June.

Origin:  Massachusetts, USA

  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Dimensions: 2.5" w x 6.75" h
  • Details:

    5.5-ounce tube contains 17-19 caramels. Environmentally friendly packaging includes a tube crafted from post-consumer-waste paperboard and compostable cellophane wrappers for the caramels.

    Ingredients:  cane sugar, fresh milk, fresh cream, inverted cane sugar, butter, molasses, vanilla bean extract (alcohol 35%), salt.